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The Power of Stories


Whenever I discuss the book I wrote and compiled, Project Dermatillomania: The Stories Behind Our Scars, one of my staples is to say, “By skin pickers, for skin pickers.” But what does that really mean? I was talking to a friend of mine and she helped me see that’s probably not enough to just throw around that little phrase. And thinking about it now, it’s not particularly fair to the diversity of the skin picking community, nor is it fair to everyone who contributed a story—the people that make up the heart and soul of this book.

I find it difficult summing up anything though, because I always feel like I’m missing some piece of it. I guess by saying “by skin pickers, for skin pickers,” I had hoped to create an idea of what the book was about and cover everything I meant to say about it without actually saying any of it. Somehow I hoped that that would suffice to sum up a collection of written and visual stories from 20-50 year old people who all share the same disorder. But in all honesty, there’s more to the book than that. (more…)

Doesn’t It Hurt? Confessions of Compulsive Hair Pullers is now available!



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My First Trichotillomania Study with American University and The Behavior Therapy Center of Greater Washington- Part 3

PART III: Treatment

We used the SCAMP model to choose which interventions could be most beneficial to me. Below is what we mutually agreed upon, after much exploration.


From the beginning, one thing I made clear was that there was absolutely no circumstance under which I was going to get rid of my tweezers. While I know ridding myself of them seems an obvious and logical choice, I also know I like thin eyebrows. To me they represent some sort of security blanket. I was convinced I could lessen my pulling and hang onto them at the same time, and David was completely understanding and supportive.

In fact, he offered that perhaps I could both keep them and find a way to not use them as often. After a long conversation and options offered, I agreed to keep them (along with my magnifying mirror), but make them less readily available. I thus hid them in drawers or cabinets, behind things. If I did decide to go for them to pull, there was time built in to have a conversation with myself. “Do I really need to be pulling in this moment?” (more…)

My First Trichotillomania Study with American University and the Behavior Therapy Center of Greater Washington Parts 1 & 2

Part I: The Journey Begins


In April of 2013, I attended my first Trichotillomania Learning Center conference. I knew I’d attend a few sessions about treatment options for trich, which made me feel … complicated. While a very large part of me has accepted that I have trich, there’s still a small voice that thinks it would be nice if I stopped. It may be the voice of me when I was a young girl, the one who was bullied for looking different from other children.


Still, even as an adult, I thought, why not learn all that I can? Perhaps I’ll find something that will work for me. Besides – if nothing changed, I’d be in the same place in which I started. What did I have to lose?

I attended a few sessions on The Comprehensive Behavioral Model (ComB), which intrigued me; I took quite a few notes. As I listened to Dr. Mansueto discuss the topic, I got pretty excited. In particular, I liked that while it sounded like a lot of work, it was actually doable. Even more thrilling was the fact that his office, The Behavior Therapy Center of Greater Washington, was a mere 15 minutes from my home. I decided in that moment that I would call his office upon my return, to begin the therapy.


I called to make an appointment within a day or two of the conference ending. However, I was sad to learn that there was a long waiting list. I actually dropped the idea of being seen when I learned this.

Then, about a month later, I was on the TLC website when I noticed they had an advertisement for a new study. As fate would have it, it was for the ComB model, and would be held at Dr. Mansueto’s office with American University. (more…)

An Interview With Mrs. Southwest Colorado



Last year brought the trichotillomania community Mrs. America contestant Mrs. Josie Sanctis. She did an amazing job helping to spread awareness throughout the country with her platform as trich. 2014 has the potential to have another wonderful woman in the Mrs. America pageant who will have TTM as one of her platforms. Heather Meyer who is now the reigning Mrs. Southwest Colorado will competing in her statewide pageant this April to become the representative for  Colorado in the Mrs. America competition. Not only is Heather a beautiful woman, she is a mother who has her master’s degree in counseling and psychology. I am so honored she took some time to answer some questions for my blog. Thank you Heather for putting yourself out there to help spread awareness and be of support for those who desire it. (more…)

Why Write A Book About Trichotillomania?


Statistics show that 1 in 50 Americans have trichotillomania. However,
the real number of those with trich may be much higher. Many people are too
embarrassed or ashamed to admit they pull their hair, and go to great lengths
to hide their behavior from family, friends, and medical professionals. (more…)

BeauTrichful Magazine

Sandy (more…)

Doesn’t it Hurt? Confessions of Compulsive Hair Pullers

I am so excited. In less than two months the ebook that I have been working hard to put together will be completed and ready for purchase. I had the amazing gift of finding 14 truly beautiful people who were willing, along with myself, to come forward and share their stories with the world so that others would not feel so alone. They chose to selflessly share their stories to help educate the world as well as eradicate the shame around trichotillomania and other BFRBs. These people come from 5 different countries and range in age from 18-65. They are both male and female storytellers. I feel so blessed right now. I am honored to have met each and every one of them. (more…)

Skin Picking: The Freedom To Finally Stop- A Great Book For Hair Pullers As Well



For those who have been looking for a way to finally stop skin picking or hair pulling there is a new book available, Skin Picking: The Freedom To Finally Stop. The author offers unique techniques and tools that you cannot find elsewhere. It is definitely worth the read. (more…)

To This Day…for the bullied and the beautiful

” . . . and if you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror, look a little closer, stare a little longer, because there’s something inside you that made you keep trying despite everyone who told you to quit.”

I found this amazing video a few months ago. I keep finding myself going back to it. Perhaps it is because I was bullied myself. Perhaps it is my sorrow for those that felt or currently feel the same pain as I did growing up. Perhaps it is something greater than myself that I am not aware of yet, but I keep going back to it. I am moved. I know that I am not the only one who was bullied growing up. I know I am not the only one who lives with trich and at times feels ashamed. Maybe that is what this video is speaking to within in me. I thought perhaps it would speak to some of you as well. (more…)

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