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What is "My Opportunity Is"?


We are a tribe of wounded healers, each building a tribe of Opportunists who recognize that any experience that brings pain and suffering can actually be a gift — an opportunity — to shift self-defeating beliefs and to move into a deeper place of self-acceptance and love.


The current Opportunities underway range from having herpes (The Herpes Opportunity) to sexual abuse (The Orgasm Opportunity) to trichotillomania (The Trich Opportunity). Other opportunities still in their infancy have the topics of cancer, breakups, racism, fat, homosexuality, rape, depression, miscarriage and more ...






An actual screenshot from the Herpes Opportunity analytics data showing month-by-month audience growth,
from roughly 2,500 visitors in March 2012 to 18,000 in March 2013, only one year later.


What do I get with my membership?


  • Peer support. Other Opportunity leaders who are building their own tribes alongside you, acting as a built-in support system, accountability buddies, and network to swap ideas, best practices, wins and learning opportunities.
  • A proven model for tribe growth. You will get a template to follow that has a proven track record. The Herpes Opportunity tribe is approaching 20,000 unique visitors per month (and consistently growing by thousands more each month)! It has seen nearly 700% growth within a year (March 2012: 2,616 unique visitors / March 2013: 17,940 — see graph above).
  • Learn best practices. How do you craft your message so your tribe can find you? How do you post your message on your website so search engines find you, too? We teach you how to do all of this. We're not just going to teach you how to fish — we're going to teach you how to fish, catch it, filet it and grill it to perfection.
  • Expert guidance. You get regular guidance on how to craft your specific Opportunity message in order to attract the people who need it the most!
  • Cross-pollination amongst tribes. The more tribes under the Opportunity umbrella, the more opportunities for complementary Opportunities to be stumbled upon by visitors. (A rising tide lifts all boats.)




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